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Published 01.01.00


John Carr
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In his Blog John Carr discusses how the new technologies change our life. His readers are thereby people whose interests lie in the field of public policy. Among his main topics are Security and Protection, with a focus on the special responsibility towards young(er) users.

While he now and then deals with the negative sides (dark side/ downsides) of the Internet, his enthusiasm for the Internet and clever technologies always (again and again) comes through.

Since John Carr lives and works in the UK, a lot of his articles deal with this region. Though, they often widen to an European or international scope, since a lot of Internet-related topics, especially those connected to the EU, have to be discussed with a global perspective.

Carr is Technical Adviser (online) of the global NGO ECPAT International (in Bangkok), Expert Adviser der European NGO Alliance for the Child Safety Online (eNASCO) in Rom, und Secretary of the UK’S Children’s Charities’ Coalition on Internet Safety (CHIS).

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