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Published 02.09.23

Council of Europe Strategy for the Rights of the Child (2022-2027)

Guide for Children and Young People

Council of Europe
Quelle: Council of Europe
Ansicht: Strategie des Europarats für die Rechte des Kindes (2022-2027) Leitfaden für Kinder und Jugendliche (kindgerechtes Material)
The Council of Europe and the Governments of its member States need to have a shared vision and common goals to work together on making children’s rights a reality in Europe. The new Strategy will guide the work of Governments and their partners on children’s rights over the next six years (2022-2027). The strategy has six objectives: Keeping all children safe from violence, Making sure all children have equal opportunities and are included in society, Supporting children to have access to technologies and use them safely, Making justice proceedings more child-friendly, Giving a voice to every child, Supporting children in crisis and emergency situations
The english version can be downloaded here.

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