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Published 01.01.00

EU Kids Online Network

Ansicht: EU Kids Online Netzwerk

How do children and young people in Europe use the internet, what risks do they face, what opportunities does the internet offer, and how are they dealing with the varying possibilities? What are the similarities and differences here between the different European countries?

These and further issues are at the heart of the EU Kids Online project, an international networking group that bundles available data on children’s media use across Europe and provides them to international cooperation partners.

Following an initial survey and exploration phase (2006-2009), the networking group in 2010 conducted a Europe-wide representative survey on the safe use of the Internet by children and adolescents. A total of 25.000 nine to 16 year olds and their parents from 25 European countries were interviewed. The final report was published in 2011. In the third phase of the project (2011-2014), the database of studies on the online-use of children in Europe was updated and the data from the representative survey were analyzed in depth. In addition, qualitative interviews were conducted in selected countries on children’s risk comprehension. The network activities are continued after the completion of the Safer Internet program and are coordinated by the Hans-Bredow-Institute. In addition to the continuation of the network activities (including the online database), the focus will be on the initiation of another international comparative representation survey, as well as further research activities on children and digital media.

The German website of the EU Kids Online network provides information about the project, an overview of studies, and helpful links. The network’s English website is currently hosted by the London School of Economics (LSE). Among other content, there is a database with over 150 entries on European research projects on online activities, risks and safety of children and adolescents.

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