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Published 19.11.21

General comment No. 25 - Chapter XIII: International and regional cooperation and chapter XIV Dissemination

XIII. International and regional cooperation

  1. The cross-border and transnational nature of the digital environment necessitates strong international and regional cooperation, to ensure that all stakeholders, including States, businesses and other actors, effectively respect, protect and fulfil children’s rights in relation to the digital environment. It is therefore vital that States parties cooperate bilaterally and multilaterally with national and international non-governmental organizations, United Nations agencies, businesses and organizations specialized in child protection and human rights in relation to the digital environment.

  2. States parties should promote and contribute to the international and regional exchange of expertise and good practices and establish and promote capacity-building, resources, standards, regulations and protections across national borders that enable the realization of children’s rights in the digital environment by all States. They should encourage the formulation of a common definition of what constitutes a crime in the digital environment, mutual legal assistance and the joint collection and sharing of evidence.

    XIV. Dissemination

  3. States parties should ensure that the present general comment is widely disseminated, including through use of digital technologies, to all relevant stakeholders, in particular parliaments and government authorities, including those responsible for cross-cutting and sectoral digital transformation, as well as members of the judiciary, business enterprises, the media, civil society and the public at large, educators and children, and is made available in multiple formats and languages, including age-appropriate versions.

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