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Special protection

Children should be protected from all forms of exploitation prejudicial to any aspects of their welfare in relation to the digital environment.Exploitation may occur in many forms, such as economic exploitation, including child labour, sexual exploitation and abuse, the sale, trafficking and abduction of children and the recruitment of children to participate in criminal activities, including forms of cybercrime.

By creating and sharing content, children may be economic actors in the digital environment, which may result in their exploitation.


  • Ansicht: Umfrage zum Schutz von Kindern

    Survey on the protection of children

    Torsten Krause, SDC

    The UN Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Violence against Children and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) are jointly conducting an online-based survey on the protection of children from violence.

  • Ansicht: EU-Konsultation zum Kinderschutz

    EU consultation on child protection

    Torsten Krause, SDC

    Until October 20, the European Commission is conducting an online consultation procedure on the development and strengthening of an integrated child protection system.

  • Ansicht: Aufruf zur Beteiligung am Programm des IGF 2023

    Studies reveal extent of sexual violence against children

    Torsten Krause, SDC

    Two current studies reveal an increase in sexualized violence in the digital environment. It is clear that users of digital services unintentionally come across sexual violence online at a young age and are thus either harmed themselves or have a potential tendency to become perpetrators themselves. Both consequences must be counteracted by prevention and deletion of such content.

  • Ansicht: Studien zeigen Ausmaß sexueller Gewalt an Kindern auf

    How to combat sexualised violence: A child rights perspective!

    Torsten Krause, SDC

    ECPAT Germany, Innocence in Danger, the German Children's Fund and the Digital Opportunities Foundation presented their position on the EU draft regulation in a digital press conference on 4 April. In their joint statement, which is based on the questionnaire of the Digital Committee of the German Bundestag, the organisations explain in detail how the protection of children from sexualised violence online and the right to privacy of all users in the digital environment can be realised.

  • Ansicht: Aufruf zur Beteiligung am Programm des IGF 2023

    IGF 2023 Call for Session Proposals

    Marlene Fasolt, SDC

    Stakeholders are invited to submit proposals to organize various types of sessions at the Internet Governance Forum until May 19, 2023 at 23:59 UTC

Scientific studies

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