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Respect for the views of the child

Children reported that the digital environment afforded them crucial opportunities for their voices to be heard in matters that affected them.

The use of digital technologies can help to realize children’s participation at the local, national and international levels.

Therefore, awareness of, and access to, digital means for children to express their views must be promoted and support for children must be offered.


  • Ansicht: Ist Altersfeststellung der Königsweg?

    Is Age Assurance the Silver Bullet?

    Jutta Croll, SDC, SDC

    More than 600 experts from around the world are meeting this week at the Global Age Assurance Standards Summit (GAASS) half of them onsite while the other half are taking part remotely. The meeting’s purpose is to find out and discuss benefits and pitfalls of different tools in place to gain knowledge on the age of Internet users.

  • Ansicht: VOICE: Perspektiven von Kindern und Erziehenden auf Online-Sicherheit

    VOICE: Children's and caregivers' perspectives on online safety

    Torsten Krause, SDC

    On April 8, ECPAT International, terre des hommes Netherlands and Eurochild presented the VOICE study in Brussels. Together, they surveyed over 400 children and around 6,000 caregivers in 15 countries in Europe, Asia and South America about their attitudes, opinions and experiences regarding children's safety online.

  • Ansicht: Start einer Dunkelfeldstudie zum Kinderschutz

    Start of a dark field study on child protection

    Yonca Ekinci, SDC

    Scientists from the German Center for Mental Health, the Central Institute of Mental Health, the Clinic for Children and Adolescents at the University Hospital in Ulm and the Institute of Criminology at Heidelberg University are jointly conducting a representative national dark field study.

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