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Right to Assembly and Association, Participation and Play

Children have the right to freedom of association and the freedom of peaceful assembly. (UN-CRC Art. 15) This right also has to be ensured/ guaranteed, where the public sphere has expanded into the digital world, i.e. through social networking services and other forms of assembly in the digital world.

For developing social skills and growing up healthy also the right to play is important. The digital world must be designed as a safe and appropriate place for exercising this right. (UN-CRC Art. 31)

Digitisation has broadened the possibilities for children to take part actively in dissemination of information, opinions and ideas and provides huge potential, especially with regard to democratic co-determination. Information can be provided, spread, publicly discussed and commented on very quickly anywhere.


  • Ansicht: IGF 2019: Bericht des High Level Panel on Digital Cooperation der Vereinten Nationen

    IGF 2019: Report of the High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation

    The High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation (HLPDC), which was convened in 2018, presented its final report in June 2019, including recommendations to the Internet Governance Forum. The recommendations will be discussed at the main meeting "Digital Cooperation" at this year's IGF. In preparation, the IGF community is asked to comment on the recommendations online.

  • Ansicht: IGF 2019: Bericht des High Level Panel on Digital Cooperation der Vereinten Nationen

    Invitation to the Internet Governance Forum 2019

    Stiftung Digitale Chancen

    The 14th Internet Governance Forum will take place in Berlin this year under the motto "One World. One Net. One vision".

  • Ansicht: Wo sind die Stimmen der Kinder in der Netzpolitik

    Children's demands to Internet politicians

    Stiftung Digitale Chancen, Stiftung Digitale Chancen

    Children have rights - offline and online. Could children’s right to vote contribute to the execution of their rights? What role does the Internet play in this regard? Within the framework of the re:publica, young people discussed these issues on the main stage of the Netzfest last week.

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