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Published 06.05.19

Children's demands to Internet politicians

Stiftung Digitale Chancen, Stiftung Digitale Chancen

Children have rights - offline and online. Could children’s right to vote contribute to the execution of their rights? What role does the Internet play in this regard? Within the framework of the re:publica, young people discussed these issues on the main stage of the Netzfest last week, along with Serina Taylor and Carla Golm from the children and youth advisory council of the German Children's Fund, the philosopher Leander Scholz, the media educator Martin Riemer, the scientist Dr. Ingrid Stapf and the childhood scientist Daniela Tews. In the end, the following demands to Internet politicians were phrased:

Children’s demands to Internet politicians

Participation on the Internet and in politics

  • Listen to us and let us take part - on the Internet as well!
  • Children’s interest must be taken into consideration in any decision taken in regard of the Internet.
  • We want to be allowed to vote at a younger age, for example from the age of 12, since today children are well informed through the Internet and thus able to participate in decision making.
  • We want children’s rights to be included in the constitution.
  • There must be contact points that support us in exercising our rights and help us when our rights are infringed.

Empowerment in the Family

  • When parents educate their children, they also need to be informed about the Internet.
  • Parents must not infringe the rights of their children, such as the right to privacy.
  • Politicians should support families and take measures to enable them to use the Internet.

Learning with and via the net

  • We need digital technology in school but we also want to learn how to use it well, self-determined and safely.
  • Children’s rights should be explained in school and should also be observed there.
  • Every child should be able to access the internet anywhere, for example in libraries and youth centres, where we can learn more about the web and its rules.

Safety and Protection

  • We want a right to have one’s data erased on the internet and someone who ensures this right is respected.
  • A child’s photo should only be uploaded to the Internet with consent of the child, evidenced by a seal of approval tagged to the file.
  • Providers of apps and websites must ensure that our rights are respected.

These demands were based on the voices of children and young people recorded before, during and after the session "Where are the voices of children in Internet politics" at the Netzfest 2019. They are supposed to be discussed during the re:publica and further on with political decision makers. We thank all young and adult people for their participation in the process.

The demands as PDF for download: Children’s demands to Internet politicians

Ansicht: Wo sind die Stimmen der Kinder in der Netzpolitik