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Published 09.10.19

"Internet für Alle": Aktion Mensch supports digital participation with up to €10,000

Aktion Mensch e. V.

With its new funding programme called "Internet für alle" (engl.: "internet for everyone"), the Aktion Mensch e. V. supports projects that advocate the digital participation of people with disabilities.

Investments for hardware are supported with up to 5,000€ including equipment such as routers, computers, tablets, software and special input and output devices which ensure eAccessibility. Support is also provided for initial installations and for services and support required for initial installations.

In addition, another €5,000 can be applied for media education services. This can be used, for example, to finance fees and material costs required for additional staff or the operation of technical equipment.

Projects wishing to obtain support for investment costs and for educational services can apply for both together. Thus a total support of €10,000 is possible.

All informations about the new funding programme can be found here: