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Published 13.11.18

IGF Sessions Day 2, 13.11.2018

Jutta Croll

Today's Sessions at the IGF 2018 that cover the topics Children's Rights, Child Protection and Human Rights:

WS #239 Online child exploitation - risks and responses

Workshop on the risks and potential hazards caused by new technologies and applications, and arrangements to combat them.

OF #17 Children and AI - securing child rights for the ai generation, organised by UNICEF

Debate about possibilities to consider Children's Rights during the development of applications that are based on artificial intelligence or use it.

Thematic Main session Human Rights, Gender, and Youth

Human Rights and Internet Governance especially for the prevention of harm towards women and children.

WS #211 Technology, Suicide, and the Mental Health of Youth

Discussion on the intensifying impacts and preventive potentials of internet usage regarding psychological instability of young people.

Child Online Safety: Online products and their impact on children’s vulnerability

Session of the Dynamic Coalition on Child Online Safety: a debate on hazards resulting from applications, which purposefully analize and influence the user behaviour of children.

Salle 1, 15.00 - 16.20 Uhr Thematic Main Session: Development, Innovation & Economic Issues, co-organized with DCs.